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Singapore (+65)
MobileOne Ltd 0.064 0.058 0.050 0.048 0.045
Singapore Telecom (GSM 900/1800) 0.064 0.058 0.050 0.048 0.045
StarHub Pte Ltd 0.064 0.058 0.050 0.048 0.045

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You are prohibited from using Axon Media Platform to send any Messages that are offensive, promote anything illegal, or harass anyone.

You may not send:
- Pornography or other sexually explicit Messages
- Messages offering to sell illegal goods or services
- Messages that violate any laws that are applicable to you, including messages that violate any Anti-SPAM laws that are applicable to you
- Marketing or commercial Messages without permission

Confidential Information
Axon Media does not sell/rent/share “Confidential Information” to any other 3rd parties or internally. The "Company" are solely responsible for their “Confidential Information” by checking the authenticity and validity of the mobile contacts thru DNC Registry before blasting(s) are initiated either by yourself or by our personnel(s). Applicable on Singapore mobile numbers only. Axon Media will continue to assist/remind/enforce SMS clients throughout the tenure period.

Confidential Information” shall mean all mobile database, mobile numbers, datalist containing clients information and any other form of client's information whether written or oral identified by the Company which are passed thru the Recipient's SMS platform in form of SMS marketing advertisements/announcements.

The Service
Axon Media provide services of SMS blasting platform(s) to existing/new customers. Axon Media does not sell/rent/share “Confidential Information” to any other 3rd parties or internally. All “Confidential Information” submitted are strictly confidential.

Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore ("PDPC")
The Personal Data Protection Commission ("PDPC") is a Singapore Government statutory body established on 2 January 2013 to administer and enforce the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA). The other roles of PDPC include undertaking public education and engagement programmes to help organisations understand and comply with the PDPA as well as to promote greater awareness of the importance of personal data protection in Singapore. - See more at:

This Agreement shall be deemed to commence upon confirming & endorsement of official quotation and shall continue for the whole period of service until terminated by either party giving written notice of termination. In the event of database dispute, AXON MEDIA reserves the right to suspend affected account(s) immediately until investigation(s) are resolved. AXON MEDIA will not be liable for any uncheck and/or misuse of database made by client .